Dragon Boat Festival

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Date(s) - juni 14, 2021
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The Dragon Boat Festival, also called Double Fifth Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of May of the lunar calendar.

Once upon a time, during the Spring and Autumn time in China, there was a patriotic poet name Qu Yuan, who was from the Chu Kingdom.

The king of Qin Kingdom wanted to frame the king of the Chu Kingdom in the name of intermarriage. Qu Yuan was strongly against this, but King Chu didn’t listen to him.

King Chu was killed by King Qin.

Qu Yuan was devastated when he heard the news, he jumped into the Miluo River with a stone and committed suicide.

Because of the admiration for Chu Yuan, local people row the dragon boat trying to find Qu Yuan’s body and meantime put rice balls wrapped in bamboo leaves (粽子zòngzi) into the river to feed the fish to stop the fish eating Qu Yuan’s body.

On May 5th of every year, respects are paid to Qu Yuan. Why? Because this was the day when Qu Yuan committed suicide.

Dragon boat racing (划龍舟 huá lóngzhōu) also became a famous custom because of this.

A small dragon boat can take 15 people, 12 for rowing the boat, 2 for making sounds by gong and drums and 1 for getting the flag.

When the dragon boats race, the first boat to capture the flag is the winner.

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