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NLOT. Netherlands office Taipei tw /

Phone: +886 (0) 2-87 58 7200
NTIO facebook:

BZ contact center
Available 24 hours a day on +31 247 247 247

Travel advice Taiwan:

Registration at Information Service Foreign Affairs.

https: //

Voting from abroad in referendums, parliamentary elections and European Parliament elections.
Dutch voters living abroad only need to register once. For more information see

provides information for Dutch and foreign nationals who (wish to):

  • travel outside the Netherlands
  • live, work or study outside the Netherlands
  • travel to the Netherlands or the Caribbean part of the Kingdom
  • live, work or study in the Netherlands


Belgian Office, Taipei :


Taiwan immigration

Taiwan center for disease control And

Central Emergency Operation Center .tw / eng / index.php

Taipei Representative Office in the Netherlands
https: //www.roc-taiwan. org / nl_en /

Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium