Terms & Conditions VNT Events

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  • You must register in writing for each event in advance. Only persons who have registered in writing in advance will have access to the event
  • The full name of each person must be mentioned when registering.


There is a time before the venue, at which the VNT must inform the venue of the number of participants – which the VNT will be invoiced whether the actual amount is less. So please cancel in good time if you know you can’t come. As VNT, we have to pay for all costs of no-shows and late cancellations.

Cancellation Charges/Report Moment

The time at which the VNT must inform the venue varies for each venue and event. We will call it the “Report Moment”

  • If you cancel before the Report Moment of an event, you will not be charged for any fee.
  • If you cancel after the Report Moment, you will be charged 100% of the participation fee.

You must pay the charged costs at the latest at the next event. For other options of payment, please contact us at vntsecretariaat@gmail.com.

If the costs charged are not paid before or at the next event, the member will be suspended until payment has been made.


The VNT has a code of conduct. We assume that every participant in a VNT event is familiar with this. You can read the code of conduct of the VNT here


  • Would you like to pay as exact as possible at the reception. We have little or no change, and more importantly, it would be very helpful for the volunteers who are there for you.
  • Please also make sure that you have it ready when it is your turn at registration, that also would be very helpful for the volunteers

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation, and see you soon at our events!