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As you will have noticed, the Taiwanese authorities have adjusted their Covid policies and made a turn towards “living with the virus”. Despite the increasing daily infections, the Covid measures are being relaxed. The local government focuses on preventing an overload of medical care in Taiwan. Taiwan’s borders will be gradually opened and the quarantine period for inbound travelers will be reduced to 7 days from May 9th followed by 7 days of “self-health management”. Quarantine at home is also possible, under certain conditions. I advise you to carefully follow the instructions of the local authorities (which are adjusted almost daily) regarding the guidelines on contamination, quarantine, self-health management, access to medical care, etc.

Digital vaccination certificates

The Taiwan Digital Vaccination Certificate (DCC) can be obtained from which lists the vaccinations registered in Taiwan (National Immunization Information System / NIIS). Any vaccinations outside Taiwan can be registered in NIIS through your local Wellness Center (健康中心) so that they are included in the Taiwanese DCC.

The Taiwanese DCC is also accepted in the EU. However, it is important that the Taiwanese certificate is set up in the correct EU format via

People with a Dutch citizen service number can also have their Taiwanese vaccinations registered in the Netherlands so that they are included in the Dutch Digital Corona Check (DCC) app. For this you need to make a telephone appointment in the Netherlands. Information about this registration can be found on, vaccination certificate after vaccination abroad.

Travel from/to the Netherlands

Travelers from Taiwan to the Netherlands currently have no Covid restrictions. There is no need for a PCR test and no proof of vaccination to be presented. The DCC is no longer in use in the Netherlands; the international QR code in the Dutch DCC is still valid for travel within Europe.

All travelers from the Netherlands to Taiwan require a negative PCR test taken up to 48 hours prior to flight check-in to Taiwan. Vaccination certificates or Covid recovery certificates are not a title for entry. People with a non-Taiwanese nationality or Taiwanese ARC still need an entry permit (visa) for entry. This can be requested at the Taipei Representative Office in the Netherlands.

Foreign affairs information service is the government portal for citizens abroad. The employees are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Telephone availability is as follows:

  • Direct phone number is +31 247 247 247.
  • The local number of our Taipei office (+886 2 8758 7200, choice 1)

You will be kept informed of the (security) situation in Taiwan via I would like to request that if you are in Taiwan, that you also register (use the extended registration and not just the abbreviated registration) so that it is known that you are in Taiwan. If you have already left Taiwan, I also request that you adjust your registration accordingly.

Thanking you for your cooperation and wishing you and your relatives good health, I remain,

Yours sincerely,

Guido Tielman
Netherlands Office Taipei

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