VNT Drink February: a Celebration of Chinese New Year 🐇🐰 !!!

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Dear VNT members and sympathizers,
the board would like to send you the very best wishes for you and your loved ones in the year of the rabbit: 新年快樂 – xin nian kuai le – 恭喜發財 – Gong Xi Fa Cai 🐰🐇 !!!
To thank you and our sponsors, we are organizing a Chinese New Year Reception on February 18th at 17.00, a social and corporate networking event to ring in the New Year. The Rabbit is a symbol of patience, happiness and peace. We need that right now 😉. The year will provide harmony and growth according to astrologists 📈💗.
We hope to make it a fun and inspiring event, as it is gradually becoming a tradition, but that is only possible with your participation. So all are welcome !!! Register as always at FREE for ALL VNT MEMBERS !!!
Best Regards.

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