Invitation: VNT Lantern Festival 24th February

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Dear VNT Members and friends,

It’s been a few weeks since we had our fantastic New Year’s reception. If you want to relive it or download some photos as a souvenir, you can do so with our article on the VNT Website. We would like to take this opportunity once again to praise our own VNT photographer @Per Jansson  for all the beautiful images he has captured!!!

In the meantime, the Chinese New Year is already in the pipeline. An ideal time to press that rest button and spend some quality time with family and friends. From the entire VNT board we wish you a Happy Chinese New Year – 新年快乐 – 恭喜發財 !!!

At the end of this month, on February 24th at 6 p.m. at Mojo1921 (poster see at the end of this email), we would like to celebrate with you a magical evening, namely the Lantern Festival – a traditional Asian winter holiday that brings families together in the spirit of warmth, cheerfulness and party !

🏮 A glimpse of tradition:
To truly embrace the spirit of the Lantern Festival, our event draws inspiration from Taiwan’s rich tradition of celebrating this enchanting occasion. Also known as Yuan Xiao Jie (元宵節), this festival marks the end of the Lunar New Year festivities and is a time when families come together to share joy, lantern-lit streets create an enchanting atmosphere and the air is filled with laughter.

🏮 Event Highlights:
Enjoy a delicious dim sum buffet with a range of savory treats.
Free flow of soft drinks, wines and beers (also Belgian)
Traditional game Lantern Riddles (猜燈謎), which adds an element of challenge and fun to the evening. Children who participate receive a lantern as a sign of the festive spirit.

🏮 Respond before February 19th –
Please confirm your attendance before February 19th so that we can prepare for your presence. We can’t wait to share this joyful occasion with you and your family. Your presence will certainly contribute to the success of the evening.

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