VNT General Assembly

Deel dit bericht

Dear Members,

It’s October again. And that means that the VNT Annual General Assembly will take place next month.

Date & Location VNT Annual General Assembly

The date is November 28, time 11 a.m.

The location is yet to be announced.

Members abroad

Maybe some of you are no longer living in Taiwan. We would very much appreciate it if you could let us know by email? Then we can adjust the list of members accordingly.

Annual meeting: physical/digital

The VNT Annual General Assembly can be attended physically or digitally. Let us know if you plan to attend the meeting, and if so, what preference you have.

VNT Annual General Assembly: Board/Committees – interested?

The new board is also elected at the VNT Annual General Assembly.

The current board, consisting of Maarten van Dam, Jan Kop, and Bernard Mouton, is available for the next period.

If you are also available for the board or for a committee (events, communications, sponsoring), we would like to invite you to notify the board by email. And let us know if you prefer a certain function.

Please respond before November 1, 2021

We would like to receive your responses to the above questions before 1 November.

Location, documents, and agenda VNT Annual General Assembly

These will be sent to you by email no later than November 13.

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