Rooftop Party

Deel dit bericht

Dear Members,

Members of the VNT are welcome on Friday 25th of August at Guido Tielman and Rita Rozite in their rooftop apartment in Jasper Villa, Xinyi. There is no entry free for this event for VNT members. The maximum number of participants that can be admitted is 30, so register as soon as possible!

Thanks to our sponsor Heineken, delicious cold beer can be served, and of course there will be sparkling and other wines as well. All this is combined with a delicious buffet with compliments of the Netherlands Office Taipei (NLOT).

◤ Information
Friday, August 25 │ From 6-9 p.m.
Jasper Villa, Xinyi │ Map

◤ Entrance VNT Members ▻ Free

◤ Sign Up (RSVP before August 15) via

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