The Belgian National Day Party!

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Last Saturday, July 23, the Belgium National Day was celebrated for the first time in Taiwan.

This was made possible in part by the Belgian Office in Taipei.

The VNT Taiwan hosted the event in its favorite cafe, MOJO 21

Jan Kop opened his speech by recalling the history of the Netherlands and Belgium, and then had the pleasure of introducing another 10 new members to the more than 50 members present.

Maarten van Dam pointed out the 2 special guests of the Board, Rene and Angel Koch. These members are going on a new adventure in France, where of course we wish them all the best. And we didn’t want to let them leave without saying thanks, not only for their enthusiastic and long-standing membership of the VNT, but also for the great work Rene has done for the Dutch-Belgian community as Director of the Dutch School. in taipei. A big round of applause from those present was a clear sign of the great appreciation of those present for these members, whom we will sorely miss.

Then the party really got going. New member Stephan Eltink and Per Jansson went wild at the karaoke, much to the amusement of everyone. We are also very grateful to Per Jansson for the beautiful photos he took and which you can admire at the bottom of this article.

We would of course also like to thank Becky Tam, who provided us with a top selection of Belgian Beers (and gave those present the option to purchase these themselves at very affordable prices!).

And of course we thank Otis, our great friend from Mojo, for the great service and delicious foods!

A great success, which will certainly be repeated next year!


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