VNT: an evening with….”Jan De Nul’s Project Team: Jan Kop & Bart Huys”

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VNT is launching a NEW INITIATIVE: we provide a platform and venue (Mojo1921) for an evening where members can talk about their PASSION like work, literature, sports, interesting study subject, cooking,…etc.

We kick this off with a FIRST EVENT Thursday evening 15th of June at MOJO 1921 where Bart Huys and Jan Kop will present Jan De Nul’s Flagship Program: The Taiwan Power Offshore Wind Park. They will explain to you the project where they have been involved in from 2018 to 2021 from start to finish, and where Jan De Nul will still have an active role to play in operation and maintenance activities for another 5 years.
If you want to find out what fuels the passion of these professionals and catch some Tall Sailor’s Stories ⛵🔱 then please join us – everybody welcome, a perfect opportunity to invite friends, family and your colleagues at work:

           – Venue: Mojo1921 (Mojo1921 Google Maps) – Drinks on own account.
           – Start: 19.00 pm
           – End:  21.00 pm
           – Entrance: FREE for all attendees, members and non-members 
           – Registration: advised but not mandatory through
We hope that you all will be enticed and show engagement by being present in big numbers. It’s a unique chance to step into the world of our presenters and not only learn about their most interesting accomplishments and passion but also have a pleasant evening networking as well.
We hope to repeat evenings like this, pending level of interest and if members come forward that have great ideas to present. Please don’t hesitate to contact

 Best Regards.

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