VNT General Members Meeting – Agenda and Explainer

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The GMM of the VNT Taiwan will be held on November 28 at 11 a.m. This will take place completely digitally using Microsoft Teams.

You can download Microsoft Teams free of charge over the Internet. You can also use it in your browser. The link for the GMM will be posted here well in advance.



1.      Opening

2.      Minutes GMM April 2021

3.      Activities 2021

4.      Financial Report 2021

5.      Audit Committee

6.      Acknowledgments

7.      Election of new board

8.      Plan 2022

9.      Budget 2022

10.   Inquiry

11.   Closure

Financial report

The financial report clearly shows that the events of the VNT are a major cost item. The Board will take this into account in the coming year by ensuring that events become less large loss items. Because a larger number of members entails greater risks and therefore also a higher reserve in the cash register.

Audit Committee

This year’s audit committee consists of Marco Heusdens and Ronald van Dongen.

During this GMM, the audit committee will only give provisional approval on the finances to date.

Final discharge of the Board can only be given in January/February, after the end of the financial year on 31/12/21

The Board has requested the Audit Committee to count the digital votes of members for the Board of 2022

Candidates new Board

a. Maarten van Dam – Chairman

b. Jan Kop – Secretary

c. Bernard Mouton – Treasurer

Schedule 2022 – LUSTRUM!!!

The planning for 2022 is provisional, whereby we will of course continue to depend on what Covid allows.

What is special is that the VNT will be 40 years old in 2022! And of course we will do something about that. We call on everyone who wants to make themselves available for the Lustrum Committee of the VNT.

Budget 2022

We go deep into the costs for, among other things, the Christmas dinner. That will mean that other events will have to pay for themselves more. It is expected that the costs for the Christmas dinner in 2022 will be higher than those of 2021.

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